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Read the ingredients on the back of your favorite cleaning products (if they even show this information!). There’s a good chance that the first ingredient is water. If it shows up first in the list, this means it’s the main ingredient.

Most cleaning products contain about 95% water. By deduction, you can assume that only 5% of it is actually cleaning product. Unbelievable! This means that the main thing you are paying for is water and plastic.

And when you finish the bottle, you throw it in the trash and it starts its journey toward the ocean, along with the 700 million other bottles that Canadians throw away each year. The bottle breaks down into tiny particles that find their way into nature, into our water and into our food.

At filo, we decided to solve this problem at the source. We produce and sell our products without using water or plastic. Our cleaning products are concentrated down to the size of a quarter. When we dissolve this tablet in water, it transforms into something that looks a little more like your conventional cleaning product.

But this...
is 300X lighter
200X smaller
and uses 1000X less energy

In addition, we use materials that are good for both people and the planet. We are proud to finally revolutionize this old cleaning product industry.

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Filo - Stainless Steel Cleaner 100% Natural - Lemon & Mint


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