Collection: Dr. Ward's Fresh Mist

Dr. Ward’s mists deliver pure cleansing freshness to everything: fabrics, rooms and bodies. And, we do it naturally with plants, plants and more plants.

Harnessing the natural anti-bacterial nature of plant and flower power.

Dr. Ward's Fresh Mists founded during the pandemic by first creating an all-natural, plant-based face mask deodorizer and soon realized that air care and natural deodorants are really important to people. Ditch the chemical alternatives and enjoy beautifully scented, natural deodorizing sprays for all aspects of your life. 

The air that we breath and the stuff that we put on our bodies is so important  - I'm surprised that chemical deodorizers are so popular, but they are, and I guess they have done a pretty good job with their commercials to convince people to use them.

But we don't need to use chemicals - Nature gives us all that we need to deodorize our stuff and our bodies just a few spritzes of our already diffused concentrated plant oils eats the bacteria that causes stink. So why deodorize with chemical products??  - -  well, probably because that's all there is available for people to buy and use, until now. 

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