Where To Buy Candles Made in Canada

Where To Buy Candles Made in Canada

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There’s nothing cozier than lighting a candle and breathing in the calming aroma.

Here at LocalBoom, we are passionate about introducing you to locally made brands for a variety of products, from skincare to home goods, including scented candles made here in Canada.

Here we’ll walk through why it’s worth purchasing natural candles over kinds made with chemicals, the types of wax used, and showcase some of our favorite candles made in Canada available to buy online at LocalBoom.


Types of natural candles


There are many different options for natural candles.

Soy wax is one of the most popular options. The wax is made from soybeans, a much more natural alternative compared to paraffin wax, which is made from petroleum.

Many candle makers choose to work with soy wax instead of paraffin wax is because they are known to produce less soot and toxic chemicals, producing a cleaner burn. Sometimes this can mean that the candle can burn longer compared to less natural candle types.

Other natural candle types include coconut wax, beeswax, palm wax, and vegetable wax, and even a coconut and apricot blend.

Benefits of natural scented candles 


Soy candles, including soy candles made in Canada, are one of the most popular natural candles because they tend to hold scent very well.

Their slower burn time means that scent is gradually released, creating a nice atmosphere for the entire time the candle is burning rather than when it is first lit.

Many natural candles choose to use essential oils for scent rather than artificial ingredients, which means you also reap the aromatherapeutic benefits found in many essential oils when you light a natural candle versus one scented with chemicals.


Our Favorite Natural Candles in Canada


With so many natural candle brands available, we’re focusing on the best natural candles made and sold right here in Canada.


You + Me


You + Me was founded by Canadian native Patty Abbott. Abbott grew up in Revelstoke, BC, and always had a passion for creating. Seven years ago, she noticed that a lot of the candles she loved were made from petroleum and used harmful lead wicks. After her partner was diagnosed with ALS, her desire to eliminate all toxins from her home inspired her to create her own line of clean-burning natural candles, made right here in Canada.

After thorough research, Abbott developed her unique wax blend combing apricot and coconut. Each candle is made with a 100% cotton wick and only the best cosmetic-grade fragrance oils, making them free of GMOs and phthalates.


Natural Candles Canada

In addition to natural scented candles, You + Me also offers a lovely line of room sprays, including this one intended to use for meditation.

If you’re in Canada, you can shop all You + Me scented candles right here on LocalBoom, but keep reading if you want to hear about some of our favorites.

Walk in the Woods is a 10oz glass candle that burns up to 40-45 hours. Lighting this natural scented candle, scented with a combination of crisp pine and rich fir balsam, brings you right in the thick of a beautiful Canadian forest. We love lighting this candle during quiet morning meditations or around the holidays. This scent is also available in a smaller 8oz version which makes for a nice affordable gift.

Coffee Talk is a 10oz glass candle that also burns up to 40-45 hours. Lighting this candle is like walking into your favorite corner coffee shop! You’ll notice notes of strong, fresh-brewed coffee and rich cream with tiny hints of sweet cocoa and vanilla. This candle would make a great gift for the coffee lover in your life.

Lucia Candles


Lucia Pure Living was founded in 2002 by Canadians Lucie Bernier and Andre Pace. Their line of products ranges from natural hand and body soaps to candles and room sprays. If you fall in love with one natural scented candle, you can buy the same scent in hand soap, body soap, and room spray form! 

Through all of their products, Lucia Pure Living is committed to always using organic 100% pure essential oils, 100% natural vegetable and botanical hydrating oils, natural dyes, sustainable packaging, and no animal testing, ever.

All Lucia Pure Living candles are made in Quebec, Canada.

The Lucia No. 5 Pomegranate and Redcurrant Candle is a soy wax candle with a 50 hour burn time. The fresh and clean scent is made with natural essential oils. The organic soy used to make the wax is sourced from fair-trade farming collectives all over the world.

The Lucia No. 6 Wild Ginger and Fresh Fig Candle combines the sweet aroma of fresh fig with earthy wild ginger. This is a scent you don’t commonly see that you will have to smell to believe!


Sealuxe Skincare


Sealuxe Skincare is a Canadian brand that lives and breathes the rhythm of the tides. Their line of products was founded in coastal British Columbia. From soap bars and body butter to face masks, Sealuxe is inspired by the wild wisdom of the sea. Sealux blends, stirs, sifts, and pours healthy natural ingredients infused with unique and natural elements straight from the Pacific ocean.


sealuxe organics candle - LocalBoom

The Echo Candle comes in an adorable 8oz rose gold tin can with a lid. It features a cacao and cafe scent and is made with soy wax and natural oils. This candle burns for up to 30-40 hours.

The Anchor Candle also comes in an 80z rose gold tin can and features a fig and almond scent. We can imagine ourselves lighting this candle while applying Sealuxe’s Rose Face Mask.


Why Buy Canada-Made Candles

Here at LocalBoom, we’re committed to supporting local Canadian brands and entrepreneurs including the natural Canadian candles shared here. We believe that local shopping is powerful shopping, which means that you can feel good about where you’re spending your money. 

With social responsibility at the forefront of our company vision, we regularly donate to Canadian-based charities, organizations, and shelters.

Natural candles make a great gift, and ones made in Canada tell a story that you just can’t get from major candle brands. Shop all of our Canadian scented candles and incense here.


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