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Tout De Sweet Confections

Organic candy made in Victoria BC by Tout De Sweet!

Tout De Sweet is made in small batches, from scratch by hand. Their candy’s are organic and free of gluten, nuts, corn-syrup, artificial flavours, and artificial colours. Which means, you can indulge without the guilt!

Every product of Tout De Sweet is made by owner Jeanette, the chief candy maker. She has her own brick and mortar shop in Victoria and is highly recommend on TripAdvisor.

tout de sweet candy

She is passionate about creating products in an allergy-free zone. Many customers appreciate this extra dedication especially when they want to have a little treat and not feel guilty! The Tout De Sweet team is small but mighty. There is Jeanette head candy maker, a production assistant, and her eldest child that runs the downtown Victoria Store.

The Tout De Sweet Caramels are seriously to die for. They are not a hard caramel and melt in your mouth. Try the lavender caramels for a fresh floral treat. The lavender is not too overpowering and is a nice subtle flavour.

The Tout De Sweet gum drops are also amazing. The craft cola is an organic take on the traditional coke gummies. They taste great and are made with no artificial flavouring.

Lastly, the marshmallows are fluffy and a special treat for dessert, in a hot chocolate, or just straight out of the box. Try the toasted coconut marshmallows.

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